We have been working with NBC Universal since 2009. Specifically we have developed multiple applications that allow them to integrate their existing scheduling systems with the multitude of on-air devices. The figures below are examples of recently developed applications that provide integration with the Skypath Distribution system for satellite distribution of video streams and Live Room studio control capabilities. We also continue to support the NBC On-Air systems for their broadcast and cable operations, including media management, transcode, video play out routing and control, and satellite distribution. Figures 1, 2 and 3 are screen shots of the application we developed to interface the on air systems to the satellite distribution system.

Skypath Arbiter
Figure 1
DR Pumper
Figure 2
Figure 3

Figure 4 is a screenshot of the Live Room application. That system was designed to enable manual control of a channel, bypassing the normal automation system and is used for temporary control of live shows.

Figure 4

Figure 5 is a screen shot of a distribution and router control system that we designed and built for NBC. The system is designed to integrate with the distribution scheduling system and to interact with the satellite distribution hardware and routers.